What services do we offer?

Here at the Adelaide Hills Veterinary Services we offer a range of different services to our clients. Some of these are listed below with some more in depth details.

Companion animal services

  • Companion animal veterinarian
  • Special interest in dog and equine reproduction.
  • General veterinary care for your dog, cat and horse.
  • Vaccinations, worming and annual health checks.
  • De-sexing and minor surgical procedures.
  • Artificial breeding of dogs using fresh and frozen semen. 
  • Darting and Tranquiliser service.

Large Animal Services

  • Equine breeding, both mares & stallion work
  • Embryo transfer and collection in mares
  • Bovine heard health (Dairy and Beef cattle)
  • Bovine artificial insemination protocols
  • Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations (incl. semen evaluation)
  • Bull semen collection and freezing
  • Individual animal health - including for small ruminants (sheep, goats, alpaca's, llama etc.)
  • Out calls available

Equine Breeding

Breeding season can be a busy time of year, and can also be very stressful. Many decisions have to be made, like who do you want to breed too, how do you want to breed (frozen, fresh chilled etc.), and what is the best option for my mare? Well we are here to help, if you would like some more assistance with designing the best breeding program for your mare, then please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.We offer a variety of services to suit your needs, for both your mare and stallion.

Pregnancy Testing - ultrasound diagnosis of your mares pregnancy from 14 days onward's.

Breeding Packages Available - our breeding packages are available for both fresh/chilled and frozen. These packages can be designed to include all costs (excluding agistment) for an entire season, or are based per cycle. All packages must be paid in full prior to starting the breeding program.

Stallion Collection, Semen Processing and Transport -we now have the ability to collect your prized stallion. With this collection we can asses the quality and viability of your stallions semen. From here we can:

  • Artificially inseminate numerous mares
  • Prepare the semen for interstate transport (chilled shipping)
  • Freeze the semen for later use, and store it in our liquid nitrogen tanks

Embryo Transfer - is your mare in full work? Does she not have time to foal down? Why not consider embryo transfer. This particular program allows your mare to stay in full work whilst her genetics are passed on, and a pregnancy is carried in one of our recipient mares. The AHVS has numerous recipient mares ready and waiting for embryo transfer programs. Please contact the clinic for more information.

Foaling Down - foaling down services available at Kenton Valley Park Stud.

Equine Dentistry

Who Can You Trust To Keep Your Horse's Mouth Pain-free?

It is a fact of life that there are both good and bad equine dental practitioners, irrelevant of whether they are veterinarians or are non-veterinarians.  The title "equine dentist" (although slightly descriptive in that they do work on horses' teeth) is misleading and not recognised by any regulatory body in this country. This has connotations that the "equine dentist" is formally trained in a proper 4-5 year university course - as happens with human dentists. After all, horses' teeth are just as complicated as human teeth. But sadly the university training is usually not the case. And so the consumer is very exposed to shonky operators.

One of the most common questions horse owners have is,

"who can I trust to take care of my horse's mouth?"  

Here at the Adelaide Hills Veterinary Services, both our veterinary practitioners have done further training in Equine Dentistry to provide you with reliable service. Below are some points to consider before getting your horses "teeth done":

  • AHolistic approach - many issues can be multi-factorial, and require a little more then simply "doing the teeth".
  • Dental charting - is a dental record being kept? This is a legal document and helps track continuing dental issues, or is used for future purposes like selling the horse.
  • Scientific Background - as with any veterinary or medical practice, dentistry requires a sound scientific background in equine anatomy, physiology, medicine, diseases etc. Beware of someone who has previously worked as a mechanic, backyard farrier or fencing contractor, and sees equine dentistry as a lucrative profession, and so does a 2 week course and suddenly calls themselves an "equine dentist".
  • Economical - they must represent value for money - and be transparent in their methods. They should be prepared to show and explain to you the dental problems.
  • Accountability - they should work under a governing body to which they are accountable to e.g. the Vet Surgeon's Boards. 
  • Examines the mouth properly - so uses a full mouth speculum, flushes the feed out of the mouth, uses a light, mirror, probe etc to both feel and look inside the mouth. detection and prevention is the key to a healthy mouth.
  • Doesn't put the horse or owner at risk of injury
  • Able to refer - able to refer complicated cases to a colleague who is better trained and equipped in equine dentistry.
  • Biosecurity & cleanliness - in their equipment and methods.
  • Insurance - is necessary to cover for unforeseen serious accidents, injuries and professional errors in judgment, bad outcomes etc.
  • Sedation - they should be able to perform or arrange for your horse to be legally sedated (i.e. by a vet) if necessary.

Transcervical insemination in Bitches (TCI).

TCI is a technique in which a rigid endoscope is used to locate the cervix and pass a catheter through it for intrauterine insemination of frozen semen without the need for surgery

This technique provides intrauterine deposition of semen, which is a vital part of frozen semen technology. Equally important to the successful use of frozen semen are the timing of the insemination, semen quality, and bitch fertility.

Results from a trial comparing TCI techniques demonstrated that conception rates of 83.3% and an average litter size of 7.5 were possible in bitches of unknown breeding history. Both methods do the same thing by allowing deposition of semen into the uterus.

Anesthesia is generally not required for TCI, thus reducing risks to the bitch. Most bitches actually tolerate this procedure very well. Materials such as suture, surgical supplies, etc, are also not required there by reducing client costs.

The time it takes to perform the procedure is much less and the bitch can go home immediately after the procedure. 

Hysteroscope Imaging

Production Animal Services

With the addition of our newest (and second) vet Dr. Lachlan Cameron, we would like to announce our increased range of services available here at the Adelaide Hills Veterinary Services.

Some of you will have seen Dr. Lachie floating around the clinic, and working closely with Dr. Jason in particular with the Equine Reproduction side of the clinic. Lachie has a wide variety of interest but has a particular interest in bovine reproduction and all things production medicine. This includes artificial insemination, bull breeding soundness examinations and semen collection for freezing.

Some of the services available include;

Artificial Insemination: If you are having difficulty achieving your ideal calving rates, or would like to diversify your genetics as part of your breeding program, then give us a call and have a chat about how we can help. Artificial insemination allows for an increased genetic diversity across you’re herd, whilst also increasing net return per animal produced.

  • Fixed time programs available for your breeding herd. This involves forcing ovulation in your cows to synchronize your herd and increase overall conception rates, whilst decreasing labour requirements.
  • Increase the quality and genetics of your herd, whilst also targeting for particular traits that can increase your overall profitability per animal.
  • Possibility to do embryo flushes
  • Note: Semen storage is available at the clinic, but all semen must be sent to the clinic prior to starting a program.

Bull Breeding Soundness Exam: Not getting the most out of your bull? Or are you running a single sire mating system, due to low cow numbers.

Breeding with only one bull can be a huge risk for your breeding program, if something goes wrong that can be an entire years worth of calves (and profit) lost. Or it could mess with your calving plans/system, (have you calving down at the wrong time of year). To help avoid this why not get your sire semen tested. Here at the Adelaide Hills Veterinary Services we have the ability to perform a Bull Breeding Soundness Exam on your bull to make sure he is fit and working accordingly.

  • Includes physical examination looking for external genetic defects, and conformational structure in your sire.
  • Includes on farm semen assessment for progressive motility (sperm are moving in the appropriate direction, and in the right numbers).
  • Includes sperm morphology – morphology is performed by an external laboratory and assesses a section of sperm under high powered microscopy. This involves looking at each sperm closely to identify underlying defects that can affect sperm viability.

Pregnancy Diagnosis: Want to know when to expect your calves on the ground? Pregnancy diagnosis is critical to know which cows are in calf and when you can expect to have your calves hitting the ground. This helps you avoid carrying empty cows in such dry times. Don’t waste feed on cows that are not producing for you!

Bull Semen Collection: Collection services soon to be available for your bull to allow for freezing and storage of semen on site at the AHVS. Preserve his genetics now for you to use later!

Fear not if breeding isn’t your issue, then we have a range of other services available as well. Services available include:

  • Individual animal health for your sick animals
  • Dairy herd health programs
  • Consult advice for all your production needs
  • On farm disease investigations
  • Small ruminant herd health – including sheep, goats, alpaca’s/llamas etc.